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Getting The Most From Your Swing Caddie SC300

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Using At Home With a Net:

We have had a number of request for information on using the Swing Caddie SC300 with a net. Take a look at this tips to insure your getting the most accurate data from your unit:

  • Distance of Swing Caddie behind the ball is approx. 5 to 6 feet.
  • Distance in front of ball approx. 6 to 7 feet or more.
  • Place unit so VC logo on left side of unit is lined up with ball. Doppler radar is where VC logo is. 
  • Correct unit of measurement is selected for each data point (Yards vs Meters)(Carry vs Total)
  • At least 6 feet in front of the ball to the net (if no net do not worry about this) 
  • Inaccuracies can occur with white nets or white background giving unit harder time to read ball.
  • Make sure the ball and your Swing Caddie are on the same level. 1/2 inch can make a difference.
  • Practice and foam balls are not recommended for use as Swing Caddie is programed for real ball use.
  • Factors of roll and slope are not calculated and can cause inaccuracies. Check to see if unit is in Carry or Total

Firmware Update:

One feature supported by the SC300 is the ability to update the firmware. We only recommend this if you are having issues with the readings on your unit.  Do not do a firmware update if your unit is functioning properly. A firmware update is done at your own risk.

SC300 Reset Guide 

  • Click link below and follow quick guide to reset device
  • https://voicecaddie.com/vc-manager-download/
  • Login into your account or use temporary login info below.
  • Username:  [email protected]
  • Password:        voicecaddieupdater
  • Select Windows or IOS below SC300 to download updater.
  • Open updater, login once more and connect device to computer.
  • Select software update at top.
  • Wait for update to complete and unplug device once complete